WMU Objectives:

Pray for missions.

Engage in mission action and witnessing.

Learn about and support missions.

Develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle.

Participate in the work of the church and denomination.

Our desire is to help our church gain a greater understanding of the importance of missions, discipleship, and involvement.  A church involved in missions is a church that is a giving church, a going church, and a praying church.  Our goal is to help lay a missions foundation in the lives of preschoolers, children, teenagers, and adults, and then watch our church become a church that is having a profound impact on our community and the world for the cause of Christ.

WMU offers a wide variety of entry points including Bible studies and topical studies addressing issues like prayer, leadership, and missions involvement.  We also support WorldCrafts artisans by purchasing their fair-trade handmade products, and providing clean water for missionaries and those with whom they work.

WMU provides ways for everyone - no matter his or her age, marital status, career, or education - to be involved.  We invite you to join us as individuals who are being transformed by God as they get more involved in missions.

FBC Gilmer WMU Leadership team


  • WMU Director                                      Merle Cross
  • Assistant WMU Director                     Mary Ann Paterson
  • Secretary                                             Myrna Graham
  • Treasurer                                             Joyce Powell
  • Missions Mosaic                                  Myrtle Skinner
  • Round Table                                        Linda Clemons
  • Missions Involvement                         Toni Lockhart
  • Bible Study                                          TBA
  • Piecemakers                                        Dottie Gipson
  • Comforters                                          Linda Davidson
  • Jail Ministry                                         Mary Ann Patterson
  • Bullentin Boards                                 Joyce Powell
  • Children In Action, Grades 1-4         Charlotte Fennell
  • Children In Action, Grades 5-6          Leslie Campbell
  • Mision Friends                                     Mary Jane Dean

Missions Mosaic - round table

First tuesday of the month

10:00 am

September 5, 2017                                             Missions Mosaic, Church Parlor

October 3, 2017                                                Round Table

                                                                          Home: Marynell Henry

                                                                          Book: TBA

November 6, 2017                                            Int'l Mission Study

(Monday)                                                          BW World Day of Prayer

December 5, 2017                                            Round Table

                                                                          Home: Joyce Powell

                                                                          Book: Myrna Graham

January 2, 2018                                                Missions Mosaic, Church Parlor

February 6, 2018                                              Round Table

                                                                          Home: Merle Cross

                                                                          Book: Mary Ann Patterson

March 6, 2018                                                  Missions Mosaic, Church Parlor

April 3, 2018                                                    Round Table

                                                                          Home: Linda Clemons

                                                                          Book: Myrtle Skinner

May 1, 2018                                                     Missions Mosaic, Church Parlor