intentional interim ministry

What is Intentional Interim Ministry (IIM)?  

IIM is the best-practice process recognized today for churches proactively handling the challenges of transition from one pastor to another. IIM is a process, not a program.

  • Intentional Interim Info

    Bro. Ed Hale, is coaching our church through the IIM process which will be a 12 - 18 months process.  Sundays evenings will be a time for the church to receive specific information regarding a variety of topics related to the process.  During this time all are encourage to share openly about their concerns, questions, observations and/or experiences.

    We have had several special guest speakers during this process and their presentations can be found on the Resource page under Special Events.

  • Transition team

    The Transition Team is a group of church members representing all ages and areas of the church, helping the church body unify and grow during the transition period between pastors.  Please be in prayer for the members of the transition team as they work to help prepare the church for the pastor God is preparing for our future.

    The following church members, divided by their age groups, are the elected representatives of the church:

    19 - 34: Shea Harborth, Jared Harborth, Rhandi Newby, Amy Smith

    35 - 49: John Dean, Kollin Hurt, Tory Frazier, Jackie Low

    50 - 69: Larry Cowan, Eddie Elms, Judy Murray, Pam Edge

    70 & Up: Pat Camp, Merle Cross